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Who We Are

RiskWork is a high-end consulting firm that supports organizations with defining and implementing cyber strategies, operating models, and capabilities. Our mission is to make cyber a business accelerator.

Our clients range from business executives, chief information security officers to senior risk and compliance leaders of medium and large companies and governments globally.

RiskWork consists of a strong community, including independent professionals with a tier-1 consultancy background and at least ten years of cyber risk management experience in the public and private sectors.

Our values guide our way of working and encompass our commitment to excellence, honesty and sustainability. Together with you, we set up security functions that are ready for today's and tomorrows challenges.

What We Do

The focus of RiskWork is on cyber strategy and transformation services. Therefore, we offer the following key propositions:

Why Hire Us

We deliver high-end strategic cyber risk services that support our clients in executing their business strategies. Typical situations in which clients hire us are:

Business strategy refresh

Recalibrate and update the security strategy to ensure the security function supports the achievement of organizational objectives.

Leadership change

Leadership transitions often happen when security teams require change. As a result, new security leaders face immediate pressure to define and execute a new cyber strategy.


As an investor, you need to understand the security posture and maturity of the target company. In case of a merger, you want to consolidate and improve existing security capabilities from both organizations.

Increasing resilience

You need to increase your security resilience capabilities due to a recent incident, audit finding, or new market offering by your organization.


Why join us?

Engagement Team

Our focus is on delivering end-to-end engagements. By working together, you will achieve more and be challenged to realize your full potential.


Our cooperative model allows you to participate in engagements you like and run your own business on the side. We will reward your contribution to the growth of RiskWork.

Development & Fun

RiskWork invests heavily in the continuous development of its community members and fun activities.

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